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2013 Mini Cooper S Mobile Phone Mount

Purchased a 2013 Mini Cooper S a couple months back and love the car except for where mount my iPhone 7 Plus. After searching the web found a really nice mount made by Craven Speed for $99.00. Since I did not have $99.00 to purchase the mount.

I started thinking about what it would take to build a mount out of hardware from Lowes or Ace. Before I could visit the hardware store I looked up and I had purchased a MakeBlock mBot kit for $5.00 that I had planned to resell on eBay and I looked at the parts and I could see I may have all the parts I need. I was missing a few parts, a spring which I picked up at ACE Hardware for a $1.50 and some bushing at Lowes to hold the phone. Below is a photo of the finished product. To enhnace and or make it blend in I was thinking about painting.

Mini Cooper SmartPhone Mount – MakeBlock mBot Kit