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Oscar Steele & Co. | Vintage Racing Series iPhone X Cell Phone Case

Oscar Steele & Co. Vintage Goods and Services are now offering unique high quality cell phone cases for mobile phones on their eTsy store. The phone cases feature images from the Oscar Steele & Co. | Vintage Racing Series. Below are some of the featured images and the link to the eTsy Store. I looks forward to your business by offering a these unique design combiled with a high quality product.

Oscar Steele & Co. | Vintage Racing Series 1970’s “Surf Edition”

Oscar Steele & Co. | Vintage Racing Series 1970’s “1941 Jeep Edition”

Oscar Steele & Co. | Vintage Racing Series “Gulf Racing Edition”

2013 Mini Cooper S Mobile Phone Mount

Purchased a 2013 Mini Cooper S a couple months back and love the car except for where mount my iPhone 7 Plus. After searching the web found a really nice mount made by Craven Speed for $99.00. Since I did not have $99.00 to purchase the mount.

I started thinking about what it would take to build a mount out of hardware from Lowes or Ace. Before I could visit the hardware store I looked up and I had purchased a MakeBlock mBot kit for $5.00 that I had planned to resell on eBay and I looked at the parts and I could see I may have all the parts I need. I was missing a few parts, a spring which I picked up at ACE Hardware for a $1.50 and some bushing at Lowes to hold the phone. Below is a photo of the finished product. To enhnace and or make it blend in I was thinking about painting.

Mini Cooper SmartPhone Mount – MakeBlock mBot Kit

Vintage Racing iPhone Background

New for 2017 Vintage Racing Presents iPhone Background 1st release of the Series for 2017.

  • Nashville
    • Music City USA
    • Hockey
    • Football
    • Vintage

  •  LEXUS
    • White Racing

    • Multi Colors
      • British Racing Green
      • Green
      • Vintage White
      • Gray
      • Black
      • Red

  • JEEP Classic Army Green
    • Jeep
    • USA
    • 1941

  • Dodge Ram Truck Hemi Dallas Cowboys Blue
    • HEMI
    • Ram Tough
    • Dallas Cowboys Star

3TB for my iPhone

Recently I have been on the hunt for a hard drive for my computer. I have been interested in replacing my 1TB hard drive with a 3TB or 4 TB drive. I found a hard drive I was interest in but did not want to pay $150.00 for a Western Digital MyCloud 4TB. Last weekend I was out with the family shopping at Sam’s Club and as luck would have it the Western Digital MyCloud 3TB was on clearance for $41.71! I told my wife we are buying this.

What a Deal
What a Deal

After getting home and setting up my new toy I did a little reading and watching because I was concerned about the 3 star rating on Amazon. Reading the reviews it seem that user were experiencing performance issues with the  Western Digital MyCloud 3TB. This issue was quickly fixed by making some adjustment to the client computer and setting the Western Digital MyCloud 3TB to a static ip address.

I also leaned that there is an App for the Apple iPhone IOS for MyCloud which is really cool and there is no need to keep any music or photos on my iPhone because I can access it anywhere via MyCloud. Below are the benefits of  Western Digital MyCloud 3TB.

  1. Access 3TB of data
    1. Music
    2. Photos
    3. Device Backup
      1. Iphone Photos
  2. Stream Music
  3. Stream Photo Collection
  4. Access important documents
  5. Apps for Apple IOS and Andriod
    1. MyCloud
    2. WD Photos