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3TB for my iPhone

Recently I have been on the hunt for a hard drive for my computer. I have been interested in replacing my 1TB hard drive with a 3TB or 4 TB drive. I found a hard drive I was interest in but did not want to pay $150.00 for a Western Digital MyCloud 4TB. Last weekend I was out with the family shopping at Sam’s Club and as luck would have it the Western Digital MyCloud 3TB was on clearance for $41.71! I told my wife we are buying this.

What a Deal
What a Deal

After getting home and setting up my new toy I did a little reading and watching because I was concerned about the 3 star rating on Amazon. Reading the reviews it seem that user were experiencing performance issues with the  Western Digital MyCloud 3TB. This issue was quickly fixed by making some adjustment to the client computer and setting the Western Digital MyCloud 3TB to a static ip address.

I also leaned that there is an App for the Apple iPhone IOS for MyCloud which is really cool and there is no need to keep any music or photos on my iPhone because I can access it anywhere via MyCloud. Below are the benefits of  Western Digital MyCloud 3TB.

  1. Access 3TB of data
    1. Music
    2. Photos
    3. Device Backup
      1. Iphone Photos
  2. Stream Music
  3. Stream Photo Collection
  4. Access important documents
  5. Apps for Apple IOS and Andriod
    1. MyCloud
    2. WD Photos